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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Cents Tuesday

I know it is a hot button right now, but my Two Cents Tuesday is about Bin Laden. I have no sympathy or sorrow that Bin Laden is gone. I truly believe he got what he had coming, where my pet peeve comes in is the general 'celebration' of the American people. I am sure many people are glad he is dead and they have a right to be glad. I don't want to take that away from them. What bothers me is I remember how they looked celebrating the loss of our citizens. I felt like they were little better than savages to be happy innocent people had lost their lives. Bin Laden was /NOT/ innocent, but it felt the same to me to see people celebrating his death. I am not a big church goer, but I do try to be a christian and it didn't feel like God was smiling on the attitudes I saw being displayed on facebook. It seems to me some things should be kept private within your circle of friends and family. I am not GLAD Bin Laden is dead. I am sad that he did something so horrible that he deserved to be put to death. What would have made me GLAD is if Bin Laden had taken a different road and 3,000 of our people were still here today hugging their moms, dads, kids, and spouses. Their God may tell them to kill us, but that is not what my God tells me.

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