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Saturday, May 14, 2011

When it rains it pours.

Today didn't start off too bad. I woke up early to go watch my oldest play soccer. I love that kid and everything to do with him.

After soccer is when it started to go wrong. We came home to play on the swingset and since it was a nice day I decided to go get food so we could have a family cookout with my mom, aunt, little cousin Eddie, and my grandparents. When I came out of the grocery store I saw my jawbone bluetooth headset beside my car. I was so happy and I said to Ian "I am so blessed that I didn't loose my headset." After I said that I started looking at it and I realized I wasn't so lucky. Apparently it had fallen out when I went in the store not when I came out and someone had ran over it. It was cracked in about 4 places.

So, I tried to keep on with my day and I came home to have fun with my family. As soon as we pulled in the driveway it started to pour down rain. We sat in the car waiting for the rain to stop, but it just kept coming and coming. I finally decided to go home and at least plug in my cellphone because it was going dead. When I started to pull forward I felt the tires hit something. I asked Ian if they had left a bike in the grass, but his reply was that I had hit our dog. I could see that the dog wasn't fatally injured but he was limping. I brought him home and dried him off and I couldn't see anything wrong, but clearly not a good deal.

By this time I was done trying to have a good day. The baby got his new shoes I ordered in the mail today and he wanted to put them on, but once I put them on and he started walking around I noticed one the squeakers wasn't working. Really, was I surprised, I have to say no.

This day boiled down to "sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug". I think I have more bug days than windshield days really.

I guess this day is one of those days that you have to look at and wonder is the glass half full or half empty:

My headset got ran over by a car, it looks like crap but still somehow functions.
My picnic got rained out after I bought all that food, but hopefully there will be a nice day next week and I can try again- or have like 6 cookouts with my kids if everyone else can't make it. ;)
My dog got hit by a car, but he only seems to have superficial injuries.
The baby's shoes are defective, but they are real leather and look really cute on him even though only one squeaker works.

I want to try to find the good, but I keep wondering why do I have to find the good in the BAD. Why can't I just have something good happen all by itself.

The only thing that really bothered me long term about my crappy day was I snapped at my son when he was trying to tell me the bright side of my headset getting crunched by a car. No matter how bad my day is I love my boys with all my heart and I felt like a real jerk and apologized no less than 10 times to him for being a horrible mommy to not try to be thankful for his silver lining. I always try to teach my kids to be happy and positive. It's just so hard sometimes when you are completely frustrated to switch gears into mom mode and try to put on a smiling face for your little ones.

What did manage to make me laugh today though was that Jake came up to Logan and said "I am so sorry you had surgery Joe Bunny. I wish I could have come, but it would have been too painful for me to watch." That boy can make me laugh no matter how bad my day is going. What a funny kid. He was totally serious too.

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