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Friday, May 13, 2011

Baseball, boys and girls.

Tonight we went to Jakey's baseball game. He is the cutest baseball player I have ever seen. Just an adorable kid all the way around really.

I walked up to the concession stand to get something real quick and when I came back down Ian and Logan were waiting for me with a surprise. I love my boys. Always so thoughtful and amazing. There are so many moments with them that my heart just swells with love and pride at what great little men I have.

While we were there we ran into JAZZY. Jazzy is obsessed with Logan and the love is quite unrequited. He hates Jazzy to touch him. His little skin crawls at the thought of her kisses. He just had oral surgery yesterday, so brother Ian was trying to protect Logan and keep... oh what is that cartoon character, she says "I wanna squeeze them and love them and squish them.... I will have to think of her name, but that is Jazzy with Logan. It ended in Jazzy wrestling Ian to the ground and then when they got up she full fist punched him in the face and bloodied his nose. I learned to things from this 1. I think Jazzy will be a woman who can defend hersef. 2. My son can take a punch like a man! But wow is it hard to have to say "you can't hit girls" when you end up in a scenerio like this.

My gma bought them a fabulous new swingset today. They were very excited and having a great time playing on it until Jake coined the phrase that Ian was a "flying asshole". oyyyy. 4 boys- no peace! ;)

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