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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Sunday

Today was rainy and cold. It was actually an incredibly boring day. All I accomplished was working on a birthday invite for my friend's daughter who will be turning one. It isn't much to accomplish in a whole day, but it turned out beautifully and just how I wanted it, so I am going to count it as a successful days work.

Caleb stayed the whole weekend with his friend, Braxton, and he got home this afternoon so it was nice to see his little face. I miss them when they are gone.

Dean and Aaron spent the day working on my "new" car to get it finished. I have not had a car since Christmas. I cannot wait to get it on the road. It is two different colors because this one was totalled and we had to use pieces off my car to fix it. I am not so keen on that aspect, but just having a car of my own again will be heaven even if it was 6 different colors. I appreciate them so much for doing it. It's nice to know that they care enough to spend the whole day working in the rain to do something nice for me. When I count my blessing I am thankful for both of them.

My 2 Dads

I am feeling better finally from being sick. If I wasn't nursing I would probably be well by now, but when you are nursing there are not many medications that you are allowed to take which gives you a much longer suffering period, but that's what being a mom is about - right?! I had to go out in the cold rain to clean out the car so it can go to the junkyard. Brrr my hands were freezing off. Where is summer hiding anyway?

I hope everyone else had a great or at least uneventful Sunday like I did. Hope Monday treats us all nice too! *smile*

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