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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Cents Tuesday and Baseball

Everyone wants to win and I understand that winning is fun. But winning is not fun when you don't get to play. My boys are on a 3rd grade team and the coaches are so obsessed with winning that anyone who doesn't play like Babe Ruth doesn't get to play. My son asked to play a base tonight and he was given one inning to try it out, which is all I wanted or expected. The bad part was that because he didn't do well he was told if he couldn't do it right he wouldn't be doing it at all. It was his first time to ever be on base. Where is the learning curve? Practices are held in a batting cage and only focus on batting. Where is he supposed to get these super skills they are looking for? Not everyone has a dad who wants to get out there and throw a ball and not everyone lives in a neighborhood with access to other children they can practice with. What happens to the kids who fall to the wayside with no way to gain a better skill set? They should just not play childhood sports or learn to be happy stuck in the outfield scoping out the grass? What a failure of our country. They always say things are as American as "baseball" and "apple pie", what is American about only letting the BEST players have a chance to build up their self esteem. This seems to be a long way from where the sport started out when it was played for children to HAVE FUN. I am very disappointed in the reaction of the coach. The sport shouldn't be a jockeying contest with him and his cronies, it should be to take pride in TEACHING children the sport and HELPING them excel.

As for me- it was 49 and raining so while my children froze their little bodies off standing in the outfield not being the BEST, I sat in the car with baby boo watching out the window. He's a cutie. We ended up with me and 4 kids in the car who turned it into a jungle gym. I might have been smarter to stand out in the rain myself. ;0) hehe

Brothers play baseball, Logi plays peek a boo!

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