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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meningitis Awareness

Meningitis Awareness day is April 24th.

What does meningitis mean to you? Honestly until about 4 years ago it didn't mean much to me. I can't say that I knew the symptoms or really what happened when someone got it. I associated it with a stiff neck, an infection in your spinal fluid and I knew you had to have a spinal tap to confirm it. I wasn't even aware that there were different kinds. 4 years ago in 2007 I met Lacey and meningitis came to mean something very different to me. Meningitis came to mean losing a child you love more than the whole world within a day. Meningitis became synonymous with Landan in my life.

Landan Harris was born on August 17TH, 2003 and at age 3 he contracted meningoccocal meningitis. He left this world on November 16th, 2006 after fighting this preventable disease for 23 hours.

Landan's mom, Lacey, is an amazing person. She loves her kids in a kind of way that you can't stop from touching your heart. Her kids become your kids after reading about them and you can feel her love for them in everything she writes.

Today I ask ALL of you to read about meningitis. Become familiar with the symptoms, the causes, the types, and the fact that there is a vaccine available that our children are not given until age 11. This disease is DEADLY. Even children who survive from it are maimed for life.

On April 24th get out your burgandy and support this cause. Pass the link on to your friends and make a difference. Let's keep our children safe. NO mother should ever have to lose her child to a disease that we can stop.

Sending all my love today and everyday to Lacey, Angel Landan, Little Layne, and the great husband and father who stands behind them all Andy.

<3 Fly high precious boy. <3

Please click the link and learn about Landan and educate yourself on meningitis

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