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Monday, April 4, 2011

Update Monday

Today was the book fair at school. I love it that my kids get exciting about reading. We spent about 45 mintues there while they window shopped. I can't imagine how long they might spend in Barnes and Noble. LOL I gave them both $20 to spend. My 2nd son spent only $9.45 and my older son spent $19.88! They are so different. I scored a pug bookmark from the older one. I am actually really excited about it because I love my pug more than I can say.

It is horribly rainy here today, so at least baseball was cancelled. Tomorrow my 3rd son has his kindergarten screening. I am really nervous about that and crossing my finger, toes and praying that he does well. I think preschool is so important and he missed out on that due to a long waiting list. I am going to try my best to make sure that my baby gets in to a preschool to give him a leg up.

I am working on some hats that I am really exciting about this week. This is my first handspun creation. I think it turned out so beautifully.

How's everyone else doing?

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